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Reviewer instructions and tips.

You have entered into the Audiopolis Review System (ARS), in doing so, you've arrived at the review portal page and are about to contribute to the very heart of our music world. You're about to judge one song against another, but at the same time, rate both songs in relationship to all other songs in a particular genre and in fact, with every other song on the website. All done in a "blind" review format so every song has an equal chance for success.

As well, you'll be advising the musicians (bands) as to what you heard and how you felt about their song in both a technical and emotional way. There will be a question of which song you preferred of the two, 5 standard mandatory questions and 5 ratings to pick in regards to what the band would like to know from you.

After that, you will need to formulate your thoughts regarding both songs and put them into a written text critique with a minimum of 25 words and a maximum of the equivalent to infinity. It may sound daunting but once you do a review pair or two, we think you'll find it's not all that difficult to do. And in doing so, you, the Audiopolis reviewer, are building the charts and determining what songs and bands rise to the top and which ones don't. YOU ARE BILLBOARD MAGAZINE!

If you've done this sort of thing before, and you're already confident you have the knowledge and experience to take on this global responsibility - just go back to the top of this page, pick your genre and round (if multiple rounds are available in the drop down menu) and go do your thing! If you want a bit more instruction ....

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