Lost Luggage by Zingstone

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A song about being left behind.

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The Singer sounds great. The vox is dry and clean. The notes are pitch perfect along with the background vox. I also like her timbre. The melody is sweet is as well, I like the way it dances around the chords in interesting ways.

The backing tracks are competent. However, everything sounds a bit thin. The drums especially so, the drum part itself is solid but I would have loved a more prominent drum sound. IMO it should fill up the mix more on a tune like this. On a third spin, the drum sound is starting to grow on me... still want more ummph though!

The guitars I can pretty much say the same thing about, they are well played, but there is awful lot of mid range in them. I would love to hear them separated more so I can make out the parts better. The chorus clean guitar sounds like a great part but it gets buried somewhere in my right speaker. I also like the distorted parts but again they seem to get munged in the mid range. Solo was cool as well.

Overall, cool tune. I like the chords and the vibe of the melody. Its a bit off kilter but not unaccessible I like that! I just wished the production matched the quality of the singer, song and players.


Featured Review

What stands out the most here is production. Very nice job here as well as the harmonies. The mood of the song seemed to shift back and forth a little leaving me to rely on the lyrics. Other then that, nicely written song. I'd like to hear more.

Mid Mo Guinea Pig


O thou cool, flat words
Cross me the water
Stepping stones
Rise up to hold me

If I asked for the impossible, would you still -
If I asked for the impossible would you still try?
Don’t you stand there and lie

(To go is easy
To go is easy
And that’s why I stay)
For to go is so easy
And you go
But to stay takes more courage than walking away
Je serai anyway

Oh my twist and shout
Tucked up like children
And my budding prize
Going to seed now

If I asked for the impossible, would you still -
If I cry for the irrational would you ask why
Don’t roll over and sigh

For to go is so easy
So you go
But to stay takes more power than flying away
It’s okay anyway

All my cloistered days
Reach the horizon
Don’t you say it has no reason
Letting go’s not easy