Cementing Glass by Venus Euphoric

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Featured Review

Whoa...this is really well produced. All the elements of this tune are very clear and well played.

The guitars have a nice tone and I like the feel of rhythm. There is some subtle stuff happening with the voice leading that I really like. I did not like the distortion at first, but it won me over in about 10 seconds. Now I think its perfect. I also love the chord movement there as well. Especially in the middle section, starting at 3:00 or so, there is this great resolve to the chords and vox melody. Good stuff... I wish it happened again in the end of the tune.

The vox reminds me of Billy Corgan in a way, but without the tons of double tracking. This singer has a stronger timbre and I like the range that is displayed on this song. You can really here it in the middle section when the singer gets up into the falsetto. I can barely make out most of the lyrics, but I can say that about a ton of tunes, and on this one I like the enunciation.

I also think the rhythm section does a great job on this one. The drums and bass are just plain solid and offer a nice bed for the rest of arrangement to do its thing. Some cool fills at the end of the tune as well.

I cant really think of any criticism, other then get rid of that one loud lower backup vox part @ 2:45 or so. It just sticks out like a sore thumb to me, compared to the quality of the rest of the song. Otherwise its a solid track IMHO.