Through the Void by Sugarstick

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A song about uninhibited sex and lyrical minimalism.

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Have I heard this before? Excellent tune. Vocals perfect for tune. It has kind of Beatlesque 21st century vibe. Danceble. It's so much better than the Madonna pap that I'd put it up against. The groove, mixing and musicianship are perfect for the vibe.

Here's the problem with the song vs. song. The two are so different and I like them both SO much for so many reasons. This is hard to do...


Featured Review

I thought i wasn't gonna like this track at all to begin with-with its mega-kickin' machine dance beat n typical Madonna-esque eastern-tinged vocal line over a drone-but the chorus came in like a brilliant unexpected rush with genuine exhuberance,release n sense of freedom and it completely changed my perception..
For my taste i dislike the massively full-on in-yer face intensity of the production- complete with seemingly random technoey dance noise squiggles etc,but the chorus is just undeniable-great harmony on the last part of it too..Musically for me-other than the chorus,the best part of it easily was the vocals-just a great pop vocal..Easy to listen to,great tone-Just singing the song..

Steve Ison


How to tell now where you end and I begin
Who can say what will remain?

Falling, falling, falling through the void

Feed me, I’m empty
And full on desire
Feed me I’m empty
Feed me

Down the blind suspending time dimensionised
Warming gorging synchronise

Hard to sense outside as we internalise
Your narcotic perfume ride

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