Tangled Up by Sugarstick

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Jealousy, obsession and revenge.

Featured Review

I quite like the mixture of drone bass with over the top percussions and a haunting female vocal on top.

Quite original, and it kept my attention throughout even though the harmonic structure is rather linear. But the invention is there and help the listener listening...

I'm not sure about the bass sound, it's very rich in subs but could have gained from a little bit more mid/high frequencies. At least make it evolve with the song.

The percussions are over the top and a kind of mix between electronic and acoustic. Quite inventive. I feel they are sometimes overbearing though, and especially in their panning. Some section with a restricted stereo would have been cool IMHO.

The vocals are sweet and slightly dissonant at times, but it's all relative because in the end, there's very little harmonic content to be heard, which is probably a good choice in this song.

I would have pushed them by a couple DBs though as they have trouble sometimes to cut over the percussions.

Nice once all in all. Inventive and pretty well done!



Eyes scrutinize what is happening
Comfortable clothes are unravelling
Days I wove with you
Tangled up with talking to

Bitterness now my old sweet briar
Tangled up with razor wire

Oh I got to feel that I’m sinking
And overrun by you

Can’t name the thing I will never do
Nothing for me but all over you
Scratch my name on there
Tangled up with red rope hair

Oh I got to feel that I’m sinking
And overrun by you

God I’m sinking

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