Something September by Sugarstick

Current Round: 2  

Written in the Meon Valley, Autumn Equinox 2004.

Featured Review

a spooky and haunting intro .... maybe a little too long ....

but completely worth the wait when the lush female vocal line enters ....

a touching and moving melody marks the first verse and it's continued passing. a truly enticing, intimate and accessible voice makes everything else seem so secondary in this song. great tone, control, emotion and confidence. without even hearing the story in the words, the voice moves me emotionally and actually brings the goosebump factor into the fold ....

but moving on - the bed track, the instrumentation must be a factor in the vocals being able to have the impact they do. the slapback drums, the tickling dripping piano lines, the in and out guitar fills and swells - all lush and darkly colorful. bass is also a complete standout as the long sustained low notes carry not only the bottom end of the songs frequency with it but the basic mood as well. it's simplistic but powerful and completely appropriate to capture the vocals in its soft warm bones.

great sound effects as well, coming and going and adding textures and mood enhancing vibes.

backing vox also a plus. simple. subdued but spot on and a definite addition that would be sorely missed if they weren't there.

after a few listens, the lyrics even pop out at me like they've been woven into the melody and invite me to explore the story with even more repeated listens.

a true winner of a darkened slow burning emotional pop song. love it.



Feel today the darkness gaining
I’m not sorry
I’m exactly where I want to be
The secret is not holding on
Cast unto the air

Comin atcha
Time to look over your shoulder
It’s only natural

Dim the light and see much further
Watch the spiders
And seeds are dropping to the future
Rhythms of those gone before
Going and returning

Comin atcha
Time to look over your shoulder
It’s only natural

Tuning in from peak to valley
Drink deep before it’s gone

Going and returning
It’s only natural

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