Frame for the Undone by Sugarstick

Final Round: 1  

What if an older version of you from the future could come back in time and give you advice?


See that child she’s got it all to come
Keeping it together and undone
You’ve got nothing to fear
You’ve got everything…right here

In that face that open gaze I see
She can’t help but fight to keep it free
You got nothing to lose
Bring whatever you choose

You’re on the brink of an luminous meaning
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

See that flame whose weakness breaks you down
One day you will turn that table round
You got nothing to prove, no
Make whatever you move

Oh whoa whoa...

You’ve got nothing to lose, no
Bring whatever you choose, yeah
You’ve got nothing to fear, no
You’ve got everything right here.

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