Can't Say by Sugarstick

Final Round: 1  

Things change.

Featured Review

The feel is kind of like if the Beatles had kept on the White Album track for a decade or so and had a female lead singer... The chorus is quite layered and there's remarkable clarity of everything in the mix. It's got an experimental'ish rhythm bed. The vocal climax at 2:40 something gave me chills. This is quite similar to the other one in the revue que but it's going to get the nod because the vocals and harmonies were beyond superb.



It’s getting hard to recognise you
No longer what I want to see
And time is turning tighter
How could you know just where I go…

He has my heart and plays a part in everything that I do, that I do
He comes between in every scene and I can’t say that I do, that I do

It’s not that I don’t understand you
Want messages I cannot send
It needs participation
How could I care when I’m out there…


He pushes buttons all over me
He pushes buttons all over me
You don’t see...

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