Acid Ride by Sugarstick

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A song about vitriol.

Featured Review

There's a ton of frenetic energy afoot here. I am impressed with all the technical, and the lyrics are not trite, but the emotion is swept away somewhat by it all, leaving me slightly bereft of opinion.

I can imagine a more human treatment of the subject, of the lyrics, but they are hung on this wild ride - this acid ride - tripping? - arrangement. It might be an accurate depiction of looking for love in such a place, as unlikely in my mind that is, but I'm dubious at best.



Obscure your face
Black out your eyes
I can’t help thinking

Compelled to crawl
You know it all
But no one heeds

Your sordid fight
I can’t help laughing
Turned-up nose curls up toes
Oooh little misconception

What do you mean?

Slip to the slide down the acid ride.

I rise to fall
And know it all
I can’t help thinking
But no one heeds

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