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Recorded in acid!

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This is the perfect song. Finely constructed and delivered with conviction, never a dull moment. Even intial listens where you might not get the message, the ears and heart and feet are hauled in, trapped for eternity in its charm.


Featured Review

first thing that stands out is the production ... a certain clarity that defies itself with what appears to be a garageband oriented mindset. almost dirty - a bit warm but also a bit edgy. a mix and production that grabs you and forces you to hear every aspect of the song ...

next standout is the bass. love the walking and then the little dashes of running over fill lines. and a great growling voice to it ...

the drums drive it steadily ..simple but effective.

classy lead guitar action and the remaining axe parts are somewhat subdued and nearly lost in the excellent keyboard/piano parts but I know the voicings of the 6 string would be sorely missed if it weren't there. in keeping with that idea though, the keys are truly what drives the progression and gives the vocals the podium to preach at. just entertaining and accessible piano work - and the corresponding strings and synth solo work soooo well.

great arrangement of the instrumental track. such variety and obviously incredibly well crafted and thought out. like a very artsy piece like this is at times wants to be.

last but not least in the performance front are the vocals ... male singer with distinctive voice ... using different parts of his voice to convey different emotive thoughts. and I'm in tune with what the voice is telling me, if not lyrically (cus a lot of words are a bit tough to identify), them emotionally. love the way the melody takes the listener into the singers realm. easy verse, rising prechorus to rocking and demanding chorus. great vocal dynamics.

a bit of a confusing song cus there's just so much interesting shit there to hear and take in ... but it begs - no, demands repeated listens to really grasp all the pieces that make the puzzle and understand the intertwining relationship from part to part, voice to voice.

love it. it's not as immediately gratifying as some gems in this genre of artsy jazzy feeling rock but it undoubtedly has staying power and like many foods, tastes better as leftovers on the second and third day.

I'm into it. might even buy the T-shirt.



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