Fair Is Fair by Suede Pudding

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How better to question the protestant work ethic than through the warm nasal tones of a mildly angry, reasonably young man? Tones unquestionably reminiscent of Squeeze’s Glen Tilbrook.
No danger of being turned off any message by spit and venom. Rather a warm handshake of a song, but accompanied by a bit of a cold stare.
The vocal has just enough grit to transmit frustration and enough honey to elicit our empathy. Lyrically I'm getting the plight of the poor and here's hoping we're taking a dump on the rich as a spin-off. And yet I feel there's more to it than a few scratches on the surface can show; another angle, a further development.
It might've been nice to have the benefit of the fullness provided by buckets more backing vocals on the chorus, but then I'm not altogether sure it wouldn't detract from its essential simplicity. Cos it's really not gonna tie itself to the usual constraints of a rousing chorus.
I like the easy delivery on everything, nothing tight or taut, a jazzy shirt with Rock star jeans, and *this* much talent.
How much do you want for that guitar solo? Go on, I'll give you cash. That's the best offer you're gonna get mate.