The Strangest Feeling by Steve Ison

Steve Ison
country folk
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Music/lyrics Steve Ison

'Country picking' acoustic- Harper Stephens

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Yes, there's definitely a TV ad that ripped off this one - at least the opening bars. God I hope it's not a for a bank.
Have you considered suing?
It'a really one of those feelgood songs but with a bit more depth. A lot more to think about and well, just enough strangeness. Like a more psychedelic Monkees.
How come this guy is so cheerful? Well, I get the strangest feeling that it's the strange feeling he's feeling. The bassline unashamedly follows the dum-dum of a children's song most of the time, and it wouldn't be surprising if a tuba joined in. It's like it's just not trying to be cool, but all warm and fuzzy, like you are when you're surrendering to the love thang.
In the video he's brushing his teeth as the sun streams through the window and then skipping tripping down the stairs, just catching the bus. Not too much like a snack bar ad of course. Never buy any food you see advertised on the TV.
One might think it's purely an innocent boyish view of the world, and yet there is a references to 'the darkness' which at such times we're happy to ignore. Most of the time, actually. Otherwise we'd all go mad.
And so the madness of falling in love is an antidote to all that. Well noted.


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