Springtime by Steve Ison

Steve Ison
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Music/lyrics Steve Ison

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Ah, one of those feelgood songs which, when you're in the wrong mood, can be a bit annoying. Even though I don't think the word "rainbow" is in the song, I can sense it.
Still, one has to appreciate the effort that's gone into making this original and back up its hippy sensibilities with substance. There's a that rather raspy guitar which throws a nod and a wink toward the T.Rex era and, comfortingly, sees off 'Feelin' Groovy'.
If I was directing the video I'd have this rather slight, fey, tousled-hair chap skipping down the street looking at reflections of both himself and the world around him in all kinds of windows. It's sunny. The people passing by all are all smiling as they witness his lightness of heart and saying "Good morning", tipping their hats and all that sort of thing. Then he passes by the marching band that's playing the little brass solos which come to an end as he moves out of their shot. Have to have the piano coming out of an open window though, otherwise it'd be a bit Terry Gilliam surreal, and nobody wants that.
All the songs I a hear from this bloke are brilliant at instantly conjuring up these visual experiences, one could actually get carried away :)
Mini-goddess worship at its most jolly, it's a little too saccharine for my taste, and I suspect, on bleaker occasions, for the songwriter's.


Featured Review

wow - this starts out like a bit of an old "orleans" rock demo. at least that's what the progression reminds me ... it's got that happy 70's vibe to it - even tho it sounds nothing like them. in fact, it's such a horrid overal sounding demo - it sounds more like what would have been what the singer/writer would bring to the band to introduce them to the song.

it's pretty bad in that way. from the horrid distortion guitar to the "sax" or horn or whatever that keyboard sound is.

but the song has charm despite the sound. and the vocals come through pretty well and that's absolutely the important thing.

and there are bits that sound half decent - the drums are muddy and pretty eq deficient but still do the job, the guitar (acoustic) is pretty ok to - it's a lot transparent but cuts through ... the bass has lows if no tone otherwise and that's not great but it's something to give the song some lows to go along with the kick drum ...

it really sounds like a hodgepodge of a recording session - maybe many sessions ... not a great mix and overal cohesion but somehow the song still comes through and tries to shine.

plus - somehow - the song is capturing me ... it's taking me somewhere, I don't know quite where - but somewhere back in a time and place that was comfortable. that I wanted to remember some day and today being someday - the familiarity worked well.

the vocals are confident, on top of the beat and really just a little bit edgy and that's a good thing. the singer maintains good tone, pretty good pitch and the melody has some flair and creativity that joins the instrumental track well. plus, the words seem to be quite upbeat and fit the overall mood of the song. and that won't ever be a bad thing.

all in all, I liked it from the start but didn't want to cus it's not entirely easy to listen to. so - all the more impressive. I don't ever see this song as being a deal breaker or a hitmaker but I sure liked hearing it for the first, second and third times.

is that bad? does that make me yag? no and no - so it's congrats for you. and here's your prize - my respect - spend it wisely.



My love walks and the colours of the skies run clear
Through the pages of the rain and tears
To your shadow eyes that made it here

Weekend flies in the devil -light of late night shows
Celebration with the Genes and Jo's
The smell of factory and the scent of rose

Springtime life ..Another world we knew

Happy days in the middle of the blurring street
Everybody wants to get back home
Everybody wants to feel complete

She's so fine and i love everything i dreamed was hers
Tried to find it in 1000 girls
The reflection on a sea of pearls

Springtime life-another world we knew