My Hometown by Steve Ison

Steve Ison
60s folk pop
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All music-STEVE ISON
Violins Sue Webb and Chris Farralday
Trumpet Simon Lunn

Featured Review

The song opens with a sense of innocent charm, then proceeds to a nostalgic catalogue of snapshot memories probably at least 50% misremembered and clinging idyllically to the personal myth of a bygone, more wholesome era.
I'm reminded quite quickly of George Orwell's 'Coming Up for Air' - especially in the line about fishing - in which a middle-aged salesman returns to his childhood town, in which his fond memories act as an antidote to what he feels are the unspeakable horrors to come, to find it all changed.
The song celebrates the refuge of familiarity and hands us that photograph album to look at (let's undulge him). :)
Is that brass (surely trumpet?) solo meant to represent the spirit of a Hovis ad? I believe so.
It's lovingly put together and unashamed of the sentimental journey it takes which, were it affected fakery, wouldn't impress anybody.
But one has to believe the boy, that the cynicism has not yet set in and somewhere in the back there's a heart that swells at England's pleasant pastures seen.