Love's Dangerous by Steve Ison

Steve Ison
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Song i wrote from California artist Steve Aprils lyrics which i added to and adapted

Steve Ison..Melody/Production/instrumentation
Steve April and Steve Ison..Lyrics

Featured Review

What’s good about this is how it starts like a cowboy song and then hits the vah-voom with some hastily polished brass bed knobs on. Then in the middle there’s a bit of spaghetti western sitting next to Nino Rota. Lots of little moods in thing song, even a touch of Cossack.
Whilst the chorus hook is not exactly invading uncharted territory, it manages to reach the parts that other saucy swingers haven’t reached. Its fun loving, soft, droll campness somehow goes beyond the shallows. Maybe it’s the poetry in which it’s set, or maybe it’s because there’s a special DANgerous chord change in the chorus
I’ve also had a good time deciphering lyrics; the reference to Kiki Dee in verse one (did anyone ever obsess over or fancy burning some rubber on Kiki Dee?) struck me nicely and I heard the chorus as “There’s dangerous” which led me forth to the imagined line “There’s dangerous, and there’s dangerous”, which has connotations and possibilities but only in a northern accent.
I’d say that the lyric and its attitude deserve to be clearer, let’s get ‘em heard. I seriously think someone needs to fiddle with this boy’s knobs.
Two minutes forty-two of great entertainment here. Let’s dress up.


Featured Review

loose and relaxed .... unexpected chord change ... but then WHAM!!! in my face with the full band and I was expecting that at all.

and I love it.

what started sorta cajun and deeply odd got real big and impressive with the giant wall of sound and vocals.

even like how it outro'd with some handclaps and the fading backing vocals under the original theme.

but oh so short. I want more of it ....

production wise - I think the initial guitar parts and vocals are quite well represented and when the mardi gras takes over - those aspects don't disappear as much as get widely supported by everything around them. big drums and lots of horns and other sounds fill it up and make it all a celebration of sorts.

add to that the happy la la la hey vocal lines and it's about good times even tho if one were listening to the words isolated, it might read serious. it's not, it's based in a bit of witty sarcasm at worst and looking at the bright side of bad at best.

good vocal delivery by a very talented dude ... a few twists and turns on the melody work well and at times, the vocals do show some real range and professional attack - other times, they're just easily listenable and accessible as if they're coming from a guy you just can't help but like.

of course, he's probably a total assface but we're not reviewing people here - we're talking about songs.

and I like this one. full of itself and not stuck up it's own ass. a bit tongue in cheek and a bit of experience - never a bad thing.

good show here. simplistic ease and good times.



Lookin' for the perfect stranger for your fantasy are you feelin' the obsession for a touch of kinky D? if you like extremes,wanna take it to the limit like smokin' in bed your house burns down in minutes.

You want the Hilton sisters on your quayside boat, Knight in white satin the virgin's in the moat. Screaming about her father, Stands with axes in your dreams..One to chop off your head,the other for your seams.

Love's dangerous,Love's Dangerous.. It lures you like a bait yeh Love is dangerous...
Love's Dangerous,Love's Dangerous.. and you found out too late that Love is dangerous..

Las Vegas Goddess lures you while her mans away showers you with roses,but you're the one to pay ..You wake up in a cold sweat surrounded by the sharks screamin' for air and shooting in the dark....