I Know A Good Thing by Steve Ison

Steve Ison
psyche folk
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Just a simple song written and recorded in a few hours.I was pretending i was Burt Bacharach trying to write an imaginary song that 60s pop/soul singer Dusty Springfield could sing..Tho it came out nothing like that

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just kidding. well, not about the first 7 words but the 8th -yeah, this don't suck. just the opposite.

mellow don't get no more energetic than this!

an intimately sweet delivery of a melodically pure song. no superfluous pretense, no production trickery, not even any hiding it's simplicity. it just is what it is - take it or leave it. I will take it.

a lot of background noisefloor problems exist on the recording but otherwise, it's a real good mix and the overall sound is quite pleasant .... I wouldn't normally approve of a hard panned main acoustic and an oppositely panned bass but for some reason - here it sounds and "feels" natural.

and the bass - just about as harmonically pleasant as I've heard for quite a while in an acoustic based number ... some special moments with octaves and chord fills of flavor and spice. and it sounds like a well controlled acoustic bass at that ... may just be a well dialed in amp and some really good pickups geared for acoustic music but hey - either way, I really dig the part and sound.

percussion enters subtly and deftly. effortlessly driving along the lead of the guitars and bass ... just enough presence - and with a varied sound spectrum from shaker to conga - leaving me slightly grooving and always smiling ....

acoustic guitar work is soooo human .... and adds greatly to the intimacy of the song .... it's a buzz here and a wood knock there and all in a natural and easy vibe - all the while holding down the base for the vocals with light picking and finger strumming delight. the E string holds the chord and the high strings hold the color and vivid personality of the song. just pure pleasure to listen to actually - I've known some really excellent players in my time and this guy reminds me of one I've admired my entire life. a guy who cares more about pleasing ears than cleaning the sweat off the finish of the instrument. a guy who'd rather make eye contact with his listeners than make sure his finger placement was exacting perfect for the ideal intonation of the chord. this player sounds very very similar. to me - great stuff.

the vocals are every bit as pure and at the same time - pretty pristine in delivery of the easy to grasp and hold onto melody. with no actual hook and chorus, the song depends on a entire 2 minutes of great melody and the singer does the job hands down. excellent rises from mid to the higher register ... nice relaxed phrasing ... fabulous rolls of the tongue here and there - all along with a natural vibrato that ends phrases well. not to mention - a good choice to go to the lower falsetto notes at the end. I think he could have hit the notes in full voice but they are so much more in character going with the light easy head voice. good choice. great harmony backing vocals here and and there as well. not too much but certainly none too little.

the song is lyrically sound as well. doesn't sound all that deep and to be sure it doesn't even sound as if there's really all that much he's singing about. more just that he is singing. like that's the whole point of the lyrics - that he knows a good thing and maybe, this is it. singing the song. hard to hate that. easy to relate.

I don't wanna go all fan club president or nothing but this one is really really good. it's no hit single I'd guess, it's just too easy and musical for the times - and it's not even anything epic or ground breaking. but I know a good thing and I just heard it.



Guess its too late to ask why
But in the end you know that I know a good thing when it touches my skin
I know that the joy of love will bring us back again..

Go and find the river,free the tide..
Let it take these tears we've cried
Feel the morning sun come like a long lost friend..
To shine a light on our troubles sayin 'i knew it would be alright in the end...'

And if we have to say goodbye..
Well i'll be glad you know that i knew a good thing when i think back there and then..
You gave me a light to follow and you taught me how to find my love again..

(©Steve Ison)

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