Here Come The Strange by Steve Ison

Steve Ison
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The most recent song i've written..I did a pretty rough demo for it

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For the most part this song is like a chant, if not a mantra. But it's not Buddha who's laughing, it's that woman, and it's the guitar that's chanting.
Whoever's doing which and when, a spell is cast. It's aided greatly by the haunted-house piano sound from the 'Tales of The Unexpected' theme, which - if you're too young to know - used to be on ITV in the 70s and was presented by Roald Dahl. In a chair.
There are some interesting and somewhat unexpected chord changes which contribute greatly to the mood. The lead vocal goes from sensitive and thoughtful to forthright with a hint of repressed spite. It's all in there.
Switching between a ghostly invocation and a more prosaic dialogue, images of unknown origin presenting themselves in no particular order and making little sense, change accordingly. In one moment, dark moorland, seen from inside a car speeding along a lonely road; mist in ribbons and phantoms. Dreaming. Then - awake - (cease reverb) back in the daylit mundane city, sitting at a table in someone's kitchen, listening to them talk as they stare into their tea.
With intangible lyrical thoughts hidden beneath its poetry, the song leaves you with a sense of something glimpsed; it's a soundtrack to someone's secret diary. It's not really something to be liked or disliked, it just seems to make an impression without trying to do or be anything. And that's quite a cool thing to have created.


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I can't find anything about this song I do not like. There is this background sound like a door closing that makes me look over my shoulder- maybe it's that ghost sneaking up from behind... I love the lyrics telling me an intro to a larger story that I think I might like to hear. The acoustic guitars stand out stereophonically most of all, with a very direct, almost overly simple pattern, but it is one of many very catchy aspects that combined with wonderful vocal arrangements and every little detail make this such an interesting listen.




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Like a ghost in a paint-blue sky
I'm drawing you from other men
hiding in the empty

I see its so-yeh it aint no lie
All your dreams and promises
Frightened to be set free

OO Here Come THe Strange for all you know ( x 2)

Young and old i'm an ancient child
Just like you for all its worth
Reaching out and falling

Everybody thinks they're cool as hell
in t.v worlds where i'm alone
waiting for the morniing


Laughing woman i've been wrapped
around your finger
I've been holding out for you again
Laughing woman i'm a smiler of a singer
i've been hoping for i don't know when
but i'll see you then..

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