Funny Hair Song by Steve Ison

Steve Ison
music hall
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Silly song with music written by me from California artist Steve Aprils lyrics which i added to and adapted..


Steve Ison-All music/lyrics
Steve April-Lyrics
Pete Churchill-Piano

Featured Review

A chirpy little number from the same vein as The Housemartins’ Happy Hour, moved along by a corner-of-the-pub classical piano part and gently pumping brass.
I’m not really in love with the voice on this one, it has lazy, hesitant spots and is occasionally and unnervingly a smidge to close to Edith Piaf for comfort.
The lyrics interest me more each play, as they jump from ‘she’ to ‘he’, ranging across what seems like a small cast of characters in a series of geographical cameos - which is another way of saying ‘scenes’. Either way, I always like this kind of site switching, even though I’ll not hear all of it without serious study.
The melody’s pleasant, but there’s nothing for me to really my teeth into. I don’t think it’s trying for a hook - more a wiggly line – but it’ll probably not be one you’ll be whistling on the way home from the theatre.
On the whole it seems like a demo, a bit tossed off, despite all the skill and attention that’s obviously been put in. The vocals are perhaps a little light and dry – except when they’re not - for the music, not seeming as much a part of it as they might be.
It’s a song whose prettiness I can appreciate without being turned on by it, a bit like finding Leonardo DiCaprio in your bath.