All The Way To My Love by Steve Ison

Steve Ison
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Music/Lyric Steve Ison

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I am instantly intrigued by the warm yet eery opening chord choices softly played on just piano, backing a tenderly delivered vocal line that transitions directly into the chorus line all the way to my love.

And the chorus, with just one odd note, brings a new vibe to the music. Forceful, forced, prying the lid off this soft lullaby and letting a little angst escape, just for a moment.

And then just as natural as can be the piano settles back to its gentle side.

The blues eyes verse/bridge blossoms with fresh optimism and with no more than Lennon's Imagine piano holding down the musical fort the battle is forgotten. Just nice classic tension throughout.


Featured Review

Obviously a demo and it does comes across with some very nice ideas. It kind of reminds me of John Lennon in his white clothes at his white piano in his white room with his white furniture. This song does cop a little bit of Pauly as well, most noticeably when the bass comes in for the chorus.
All the progression parts are here, other than perhaps a little instrumental interlude, would be nice into the last closing chorus. Also, I would love for the verse progressions to be longer - as it is, the song seems to hurry into the chorus prematurely. Each verse with a couple more lines of lyrics would really make this sound more finished.
I definitely like this as a piano-driven song, but the part could be less plunking of chords, more articulate ivory-tickling. Maybe, when doubling the final chorus, come in lightly, an octave up on piano, to give it some room to build.
Other than that, I like the song a lot, particularly the melody.
Not to say that this recording doesn't have an intimate charm, but definitely look forward to a polished rendition of this before we're all too old.