Slipping Away by Sly Witt

Sly Witt
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Recorded this on vacation in Florida. Ramona Witt added backing vocals.

Featured Review

Delightful n charming jazzy easy listening track filled with twinkling melodies,sparkling keys like falling stars and delightful n charming disneyland female b/vs...
Actually the chromatic rising/falling 'slipping away' hook has a slighly sinister quality-and a deeper listen reveals a heartbroken lyric at definite odds with the generally chirpy vibe -giving it a certain edginess that easy listening definitely dosn't have..

Its like a song placed in a film-where the camera follows the heroine in the verse-all smiles and happy blue skies-keeping up appearances to the outside world-and when the chorus comes the camera starts swimming nauseously as she falls to the ground clutching her head in her own private hell..

Its short beautifully melodic with a great flow thats both natural and suprising...The essence excellent effortless songwriting
Another for my favourites here
Thanx for the inspiration..

Steve Ison

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