Operation Life by Sly Witt

Sly Witt
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shankarji added lead guitar

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Amazing inspired and beautifully strange song....Emotionally resonating,magical and timeless..

Sounding life a long lost progressive-pop classic from the 70s-its difficult to believe so few people even know about this song..Would they care nowadays even if they were exposed to its fragile beauty and haunting melodic majesty ?

Maybe not-such is life nowadays sadly..

I love the vulnerability of the vocal reminding me of Robert Wyartt-the wonderfully natural n poetic lyric about finding strength thru pain..

The suprising n skillful feint of the 'operation life' pre-chorus after the moody cello beginning part..Then we're led by the hand round the corner that suddenly reveals the beautiful sun-coming-out anthemic chorus..
This is songwriting at its very best..Suprising,heartfelt,timeless and totally natural.

Not just one of my top songs from unsigned indie artists online-but one of my favourite songs EVER..
Yeh,its that good
Thanx so much for the inspiration :)

Steve Ison

Featured Review

Love the intro - soooo beatlesque without a direct theft - cellos and fiddles ... love it ....

and then the vocals enter and it moves away from that influence into something entirely different. and no less intriguing ....

it becomes musical anarchy in full score! loads of movement, great mood invoking and emotion wrenching passages. so much here, so little time to take it all in ....

drums = great flow - and not a bad sound. big snare - good kick to go with the constant hats .... bass is a little wanting in getting it's licks in - in fact, it nearly sounds like it's only after-thoughted in with the piano lines ... wish there were more lows.

but that piano is wild and all over the place but always seem to be there when I need it for my chord vs melody placement and it always seems to somehow tie the whole together despite the fact that it's completely whacked out in it's attack and it's nuances are completely randomized and almost sound as if the part was ad-lib'd.

instrumentally, everything else just sorta seems to create this huge sonic wall of nearly unidentifiable sound and I don't care cus it's all so real and enticing - in an exciting and full on sort of way .. then the lead guitar - which isn't actually playing a lead but more a droning sorta of single power chord mood moves the song into new planes of existence. great stuff - undoubtedly so much more simple than it sounds.

vocally - brilliant. a voice of character and emotion .. not one of pure talent nor one of perfection nor arrogance or posture - but one that grabs you and reels you into the story and the very inventive and creative melody. full of twists and turns and breaks and stutters ... all just so right for the song. everything about it - imperfections especially - spot on. the voice sounds like it's on the edge of it's death bed but is refusing it's calling. demanding the attention of life and me.

just about as incredible as it could be this song. so much that's familiar but so different. so enthralling and so dynamic.

big time cool. probably a bit too wild and out there for some commercially minded pundits but for me - and people who appreciate real works of art - it'll be top of the pops for a long long time.

good show. can you do it again? hope so.