It Doesn't Matter Much by Sly Witt

Sly Witt
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Featured Review

This is an interesting paradox, a tune which starts off threatening you with a one-chord wonder tossed off in a spare bedroom, where the spaces between the vocals seem too long. You’re looking forward to giving it a good old rubbishing. But then – as if by magic - one by one, layers which betray something increasingly sophisticated are applied. Your curiosity is aroused. The chords coming at you aren’t what you’d expect. The message they carry is irregular.
Seems like it’s a song about dancing because nothing matters that much. “I’m just doing this for fun” is the claim. But just because they’re joking doesn’t mean they’re not serious.
There’s a bit of a format, especially in the middle eight, but the means by which this is delivered is far from standard. The singer’s a clown with the intrinsic wisdom of tragedy. There’s a slight touch of hysteria in how little it ‘matters’.
The bouncy synth walks the line between irritating and amusing, the words are perplexing and their intent unfathomable, but the irrepressible musicianship takes the idea beyond the ordinary. It’s hard not to like it, even if you kind of feel it’s taking the piss out of you.