Do You Think I'm Going Crazy? by Sly Witt

Sly Witt
Current Round: 1  

Featured Review

An interesting experience; a mixture of silky and spiky, a kind of platform game.
At the end you’ve thought it wasn’t interested in going back and around the same ground but on further inspection it actually has. That’s how consistent the surprises are.
After a short bright and breezy start, we slide into undercurrents of darkness. That’s the ‘crazy’ part. Best not the answer that question. Best too not to mention the backing vocals. It’s not what you might call an easy waltz, and nowhere is this more apparent than, ‘Do you remember the times we had?’ More like, do you remember the timings we had, ha ha ha.
My no doubt erroneous impression is that although it’s obviously meticulously composed the song was run off in just one take, such is that feeling of freshness
Moving and punctuated with mellow percussive distractions, it has lots of air. In fact, he’s actually made little clouds upon which we do really fly, all dreamy-like. The chap really has a talent for matching the poetry of his lyrics to the intelligent design of his organic music. If you see what I mean. To be able to evoke such matters in this way is a gift to be envied.
So, nothing wrong here, don’t want the rough edges trimmed, don’t want to go into detail. Just like the restless buoyancy.