So Sorry by Silhouette Soul

Retro classic rock
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This song was a struggle to complete. CJ loved it, Paul wanted to dump it. CJ won. The band excelled. It's the single.

written by Paul and CJ

Gregg - drums
Paul - guitars and bass
CJ - vocals

Featured Review

If you have balls, they've just been nailed to the wall.
This song is an absolute blast of a riot triggered by a raging beast.
From the first sound, the guitar stabs; wild, free and fluent. Divebombs from all corners.
Bass marks the spot but then slips selflessly toward the back room until required. I like the way it makes its prescence felt by thumpingly filling the holes but not playing too safe, and the tone is just right.
Right up there in the most satisfying list is the way the vocals drool over the verse and punch out the chorus. And - oh my goodness me - what a big pile of attitude! And they said that Punk was dead. If the mild distortion wasn't deliberate then it should've been. This is perfect for what this tune wants to do; big, brutal but eloquent.
Lyrically it never falls short of stating its case and does a magnificent job of raising what is surely THE burning question of the day:- which is worse; wall-to-wall surveillance or guns?
The ending's a bit abrupt, but it's always better to leave in time to see the petrol bombs start flying. Anyway it's a multiple player, so let's start again.

I love Rock 'n' roll, so put another brick in the window baby!



So Sorry

They're watching you
on every street corner
they got your eyeprint too
you're a barcode and a number
living numb's too cool
if your will is in the gutter

Free me, from your control
see me, taking back my soul
Free me, I won't bow or crawl - so sorry

Gimme gimme gimme back my dreams
gimmie gimme gimme, enough of what you please
gimmie gimme gimme, I ain't beggin' on my knees no more, so sorry

Sweeping apathy
deadheads buried in the sand
we're cloned completely
and we starve on empty hands
to dream we need
to wake up and make a stand

Free me, from your control
see me, taking back my soul
Free me, I won't bow or crawl - so sorry


you don't own me, you don't control me, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

Free me
see me
Free me, I won't bow or crawl - so sorry

Gimme gimme gimme
gimmie gimme gimme
gimmie gimme gimme, so sorry

11-20-09 cjd