Mister Man by Silhouette Soul

Retro classic rock
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Mister Man. A song of questions without answers. Disgruntled. Maybe even a bit pissed off. Banks, Wall Street, the Federal Government - all in league. and not with us.

Written by Paul and CJ

Gregg - drums, bass, harmonica, backing vocals
Paul - guitars
CJ - lead & backing vocals

Featured Review

Really starts reminding me of the last song on side 1 of LZ's Houses of the Holy, but quite a lot more here, like having found a confounded bridge, but also some Aerosmith kinda riffage.
This band seems inspired top to bottom and front to back on this one.
Guitars and bass have some great moments of duet, then the "crunge" funky guitars working against the bass and drum create a beautiful groove.
Singer has his moments with some Robert Plant curl to some phrases, and some good blend of backing vox, but knows when to bow out and let the band and groove take over.
I've given the tune straight 4's, other than commercial appeal, which is more the fault of commericality than of the merits of the song, which I'd categorize as among the elite of this site.



Mister Man

Globe gets stranger every time
you open up your eye
truth meet fiction, borrowed danger,
living gratified

you might think the words taste bitter,
swallowing your lie
but going down ain't rising up
until you realize


mister man - soiled collar. I feel your pain.
mister man - suck my dollar, keep the change.
mister man - I'll be your martyr, 'n save your day.
mister man - for what you borrowed,
you gonna pay.

So take it to the lord or
to the man way up on high
he'll give you back your penny's worth with stimuli and smile

he'll watch you as you tick the tock,
crawling 'tween the lines
count your blessings, learning lessons,
ten points over prime.


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