Dirty Girl by Silhouette Soul

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He's the guy in the darkened house, behind the closed curtains ... and yeah, ladies, he's the one who's eyes you feel undressing you as you walk from the car to your door. as you tend to your washing on the line or your flowers in the garden. You're being stalked and you don't even know it. We won't mention what he's doing with you in mind. and hand.

written by Paul & CJ

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Production, sound, mix and especially stereo effects all are great here. Songwriting is good, guitars excellent, vocals good, rhythm section strong and punchy like it should be.

You've nailed this style and I'm putting you on top of the review pair but I do have a suggestion that's a little hard to explain so think about it. Repetition is important because it makes the groove and draws in the listener. But repetition also is boring and lets the listener wander off. For me, great music finds the sweet spot that gives me a groove but also holds my attention. This song needs just a little more something to lock in my ear. If I was producing here I would try some counter-melodies, accents, breaks, hits and stabs, maybe a background pad somewhere, very little really, just a little something subtle to enhance that strong groove you already have.


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I liked it! It was a little bit diverse in places, with the lead guitar providing quite a bit of variety throughout, the Bass pounding out a steady rhythm throughout, and the drums basic but "tasty".

Nice varied vocals, but one of the singers sounded like they were singing down the telephone. Not my cup of tea, but it did provide a nice piece of variation. Reminded me a little of Jeff Lynne's Telephone Line.

No commercial appeal in the UK for this one, but probably more in the USA with the greater variety of Charts that are over there!

Ailwyn Rees


Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl

She seems so good girl, pure devine
really wish she'd step my side
she stops my clock and freezes time
hidden history behind those eyes
flame's so low, my heat is high
she turn my way I feel like dying

Dirty Girl

Naive teacher and simple style
she look so intellectual
she gotta know she's sensually trying
curves of mystery & wicked smile
can't stop wishing she'd be mine
she theives my day and kills my nights

Dirty Girl

She's my dirty girl

She's my fantasy, I can't deny it
I wanna show her that I can get behind her
but I'm not ashamed to be
so much less than she could need
I'm just a shadow to my dirty girl

She seems so good girl, pure devine
can't stop wishing she'd be mine
she theives my day and kills my nights

Dirty Girl

(c) 2010 Silhouette Soul

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