Chemistry by Satellite Down

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This is the power stop style wall of rock, where everything goes silent for a moment in unanticipatable musical punctuation. And those big buzz power chords, big, loud, modern styled. They and the drums play in sync this on off do this next and then this etc. Well, the bass is also doing this exactly in sync as well. Altogether it is a powerful style, except for the minor detail it has been done so much and it's not all that compelling a style to reuse.

The synth arpeggios are fun throughout. The singer is good like Rush's is- not wonderful but in key and time and full of angst.

If I think I've lost my own originality.... this line is the song's saving grace- I suspect the song is self aware of its unoriginal aspects, and yet doesn't care, is bent on making the perfect song of this subgenre one day. This may not be that song, but it was a noble attempt.


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