All the Way to the Bank by Sam Sinister

Sam Sinister
Gypsy Punk Waltz
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from 13 Songs!, released 12 May 2007
Sam Sinister - vocals, backing vocals, guitar, programming, alcohol

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the irony of the intro was lost on me. I have no sense of humor. and I lie.

anyway ... such a rudimentary presentation. with massively cutesy and somewhat camp keyboard voicings that really work well .... I really like the stereo placement of the various instruments, voices. a simple easy thing but it helps with a song like this that builds it's appeal based on that simplicity.

the basic chord progression (as carried out by the harpischord) was basically familiar until the unexpected and well chosen chord change that served as nothing really but a turnaround and transition - but that slight change of pace was enough to make it far more interesting than it would have been had the song stuck to the expected interval. nice job. weird - but good.

nice synth bass entry as well .... adding to the musical presentation and theme just right.

waited a little longer than I wanted for the drums to kick in and join the bass (which also appropriately kept it simple and pure) but when it happened, I felt satisfied and rewarded.

lead solo keys were equally camp and at the same time, right on for the song.

loved the vocals .... relaxed, pissy and disgusted but still a bit pathetic. liked how the melody seemed to labor just a little .... it added to it's appeal. spot on backing vocals for the chorus as well .... loved the off time of the ha ha as well ... kept it real.

lyrically speaking, I've heard it before but then again, it felt fresh and it flowed very very well ....

all in all, I am surprised I liked this so much as I usually don't go too much for musical camp but this time, it worked.

tho it was too long. by over a minute. which hurt a lot. you said everything you needed to say musically and lyrically by 4 minutes and every thing beyond that is just you and your ego losing me and my interest.

mistake. take it back.

but all in all .... cool.


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I like the campy vibe here, and the topic is very recession/depression which reminds me of Low Budget by the Kinks. It may be a little bit rougher languagewise, but by and large it is in the same satirical vein and doesn't use the f*** word except once.

I very much enjoy the circus organ and xylophone lead, has a heavy reference to polka based vaudeville/stage songs from a hundred years ago. Both the Kinks and the Doors (Whiskey Bar) indulge in this kind of genre jumping good time. In this case the answer seems to be escapism in alcoholism, which actually makes for a good drinking song.

"And though I am thrifty for a dollar fifty there isn't a lot to be had" is one of my favorite lines, and not every line is as memorable, but he stays on theme, so that isn't confusing.

This might be what Weird Al would sound like if he did original music.



Workin' my fingers right down to the bone
layoffs provide no enjoyment
Food, cigarettes, booze, insurance, and gas
All paid for by unemployment
there's a light at the end of the tunnel
But it still looks so far away
I'm more worn out than the soles of my shoes
At the end of the day

2-for-1 deal at the thrift store, although the selection is bad
And though I am thrifty, for a dollar fifty
There isn't a lot to be had

The holes in my jeans come from natural means
Making me look like a drifter
Not much to show for the hours I've spent
making some rich fucker richer
So sick and tired of just gettin' by
Tired of just barely livin'
Must be a hole in my pocket the size of Detroit
That makes sure I lose all I'm given

Scrapin' my pennies for a loaf of bread
Sometimes i think I'd be better off dead
What can I take for this pain in my head?
Should go to bed, but I go drinkin' instead, so I say

Ha, ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha
Laugh all the way to the bank
Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha
Then go to the bar and get tanked

I'm not complainin', just stating a fact
It's hard to get by with no money
Gotta make your own fun when you've got lack of funds
See life and death as somethin' funny

There's a light at the end of the tunnel
But it still looks so far away
I'm more worn out than the soles of my shoes
At the end of the day

Number on my paycheck won't cover the bills
So I spend it on frivolous stuff
Can't get what I want, but I take what I can get
i'm thankful for what I have, but it's still not enough, so I say