What the Fuck Do We Call This Song? by Sam Sinister and the Plastic Sinister Band

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released 21 August 2011

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you want distortion? you want +1 DB's? you want a simple outlet to throw your body around the room?

listen no further. you found it here.

it's got BIG everything. big loud guitars. a big danceable tempo driven by a hard driving mostly naked drummer ... a pounding bassline where the bassist is free to pound his head against the wall. a vocalist that spits his words out like some sort of venom laced with whiskey and brine.

lyrics laced with stupidity bordering on genius.

it's got everything a pothead 17 year old male would want. and it might even make the girls giggle too.

so why change a thing? don't.

the drums are spot on. the bass is pounding jackhammer ... the axes are chainsaw machine guns. the vocals are piss and vinegar through a megaphone piped through 10K watts and the whole band just seems to be pissing all over the song and the stage.

and that's cool enough to call cool.

the downside? the guitars are simply 3 db's too loud (vs the rest of the mix except the vox which are 2 db's too loud). the fact is, if you are gonna play a lead guitar - it can't be lost in the mix. it's ok to downplay it but here, you just gotta bring it up to the level of the vox.

and it's too short. I wasn't ready to hear it end. I think .... then again -that's sorta what you want - to bring the listener back for more. as well, a little bit more melodic variation might do wonders - sounds like it's about 4 actual half steps in the whole vocal line and so it does sound a little too monotone - even for this style.

I dunno - there's lots to say about it all - but it's not a thinking persons song ... it's about the physicality of music and about the energy and most of all - about the rebel yell and pissing off your parents.

just don't be surprised if your 55 year old uncle with the piercings and tattoos wants to be your manager and ends up being the fan club president and you have to have your picture taken with him despite the stupid looking pony tail with bald head he still sports ... hovering above his black t shirt trying to maintain his many years old beer gut.

cus you asked for it when you wrote and recorded this.


Featured Review

I was really into Punk in the 70's, and this brought back all the pogoing memories!

Not overly keen on the foul language in the lyrics, but that's just me. It does help express the feeling of the song, and the questions asked in it.

To summarise your lyrics - your career is not over!! It's not the end of it!

It's been a murky day in the UK today, but your song has put a smile on my face.

A feelgood factor song!! It was that good I played it twice!!

Ailwyn Rees


Verse 1:
It's time to shit
Or get off the proverbial pot
My stomach's in a knot
So here I sit
Alone and broken hearted
Paid a dime and all this time
I haven't even gotten started

So where do we go from here?
Something must be wrong
It's the end of my career
I thought that I was strong
Maybe it's too much beer
Been racking my brain all night long
What do we have to fear?
What the fuck do we call this song?

Verse 2:
Been tied down to this chair
It's mental constipation
It's more than I can bear
Can't find no inspiration
Don't try to help me out
You'll just break my concentration
And all the expectations, they just add to my frustration


Well maybe it's a problem with my brain
I can't articulate the words I wanna say
Perhaps I've said all there is to be said
Maybe mommy dropped me on my head