The Blinking Eye by Robert Clark

Robert Clark
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a song about death. as inspired by the confused memory of a 5 year old boy with a dark imagination. and the beginning of his rejected roman catholicism.

probably the first actual song I ever wrote on acoustic guitar.... tho RJ played this version and I thumped the acoustic bass.

.... cj

Featured Review

Alright, thematically, we got spooky ghosts in this track. I was almost convinced it was a lost John Frusciante track. The guitar is very old-timey, which brings the mix to really has an antique feel to it.

I'm into this one. I would've loved some drums halfway in to carry me home. Or some ambient synths to drag it out. But there are a lot of strong points, from mix, to vocals, to the bass. It doesn't hit a home run, but it makes a good point, and it can be enjoyed, especially on halloween.



The Blinking Eye

Into darkness, dawn awakes
exit open, the unknown faces you knew
cus they're you


Every story must have an end
no more souls blowing in the wind
lessons learned, live and lie
pages turn, the blinking eye
(which doesn't die)

Fear the father, fear the sun
fear the spirit, three is one
which of these fools do I believe
where is reward for me to see


Bless me FATHER, for I have sinned
I have listened to the whispering wind
I love my hatred, I hate my shame
for I am stranded in this burning rain


Into darkness dawn awakes
exit open, you're the unknown face


(c) Silly Voo Doo 1986 CJ Denecia