When You Give It All by Phlogiston

Candy Pop Rock
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A damsel in distress wonders whether the gleam of her knight's armour will fade.

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big drums, sweet harmony and a driving force leads this song from the very beginning! and from there, it doesn't really let up at all.

big guitar sound, driving pounding bass, and the continued onslaught of the hihat, snare and kick make this one a complete and total body mover from start to finish.

interesting that I'd find this song in pop cus it actually really rocks pretty hard .... granted, the vocals lend it to lean towards pop - with with the strong and confident female lady front and center in the mix ... but - I still wouldn't think anyone would consider it pop.

oh well ....

damn good mix ... the bass pounds beside the drums and the two remain right on top of the beat and on top of everything else sans vocals - like I like it. the guitars take over the rest of the instrumental mix with a full wall of sound that either creates loads of overtones - or there's keys and/or more gits placed in there too. it does seem to wash out now and then but I feel like it's a production choice to make the song large and loud. and it works that way.

the lady singer is strong, with a story to tell that flows over the music - the voice is tonally on point, pitch proud and uses just enough guts here and there to be a convincing rock song singer - all the while retaining a certain sweetness to her voice that when treated right like this - with well placed and well thought out harmony vocals - comes across like a down to earth diva.

powerful driving song.quick to the point and quick out again. leaving me wanting more. like a good song oughta.



You know the way to drive me
But no-one gets to tie me down
I’m bound
So let the fusion warm you
And whisper down the storm until I’m still

We’ll wait and see what will be
When you give it all to me
(we will make the best 'til last)
(not the first and not the last)

My champion I call on you
Put yourself between me and the fight - that’s right
But even as we ride I fear
A castle made of sand is all we build
And the wind is ill

The faith you keep, the love of which you speak
For all I know, it comes and goes
You’re so indelible, I’d say incredible
But you’re not mine – not this time.

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