Near (by Mister Troll) by Phlogiston

Pop Rock
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Mister Troll's creation, done Phlogiston style.

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pop ....??? .... sorta blues I'd say but I do dig the vibe.

laid back ... easy ... sexy ... tasteful and just kinda cool.

but make no mistake, the song rocks in it's own way. big drums lead the way with a simple line that just drives it along perfectly. nice kick sound and I am a sucker for a chorus ride cymbal ... and tho the snare might be a bit too hot here and there, I love the feel - especially with the rolls breaking it up - and nice crash action.

to go with that, the bass seems like it's tailor made for the partnership with the drums - even though it simply roots the guitar and chord progression ....

guitars are 'effin' cool, with just the right amount of skank, dirt and jangly treatments .... and a great little riff that the songwriter musta knowed was just too hot to handle with just one sound. the wah add on the one axe worked perfectly.

totally and completely love the the lead solo on the guitar ... restraint and plenty of attitude mark the line but it's also just odd and somewhat unexpected - making it supercool.

the vocals are the ultimate in laidback and easy for delivery by a lady singer who nails the few notes shegoes for. if I had a complaint on the vocals, it'd be that the melody doesn't venture too far from itself. but otherwise, the vocals are tight an on. not one of the current auto-tuned performances but one with ever so slight faults right there giving the song texture.

nice flow to the lyrics too ...and tho probably not a very original treatment, the class rises the song up beyond itself.

pretty good backing vocals as well - a bit of oh ah stuff and some do-wap stuff and some harmony ... nice vocal arrangement.

I like it ....


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Well, not like what you watched for your bachlorette party, coz the chick in front is 100% female doing her burlesque act, but she's got a killer kickarse sound behind her...A really ballzy, full sound.
Paradoxically, while the vocal sits right smack dap in the middle of the mix, while she could've gone for a sweatier, more aggressive, grab you by the throat vocal performance, but chooses to keep her makeup all intact, rather than rolling in the mud, her easy delivery apart from the grimey sinewy arrangement arouind her.
I think it's actually the drum beat that brings the stripper feel to mind, even though this is interpreted through the mind of a rock style drummer.
The song structure is definitely a throwback style. Could've been a late sixties song with the right technology. I actually do like old structure with updated sound though, so this works great for me.
While I like the idea of the stuttery guitar solo, seems like the axeman was a couple takes away from really nailing something memorable...could play a little more with that squawkiness with the pick, maybe just a couple of flourishes mixed in with all that restraint he was exercising there.
Not too keen with the open HH or whatever cymbal that ended the song. Just a tidy ending for God's sake, please, instead of soooo cool with the frikk it slopped up ending. Fine if you was Soundgarden, but you already showed me you were musicians.
Rant aside, high quality stuff here, girls and boys.



Slide over here jiggy baby
Sit down next to me
I’ve got a whole lotta love to give
I need some reciprocity
Some reciprocity

A little bit of give and take
A little bit of push and shove
A whole lot of dance and shake
And a little bit of make love
A little bit of make love

I’m not looking for for a hit and run
That’s how I got here
But I ain’t too old to have a little fun
And it’s fun having you here
It’s always fun when you’re near

You heard about the tip of the iceberg
You ain’t seen nothing yet
Any kind of love that you’ve ever had
Ain’t nothing like what you’re gonna get
You’re gonna like what you’re gonna get

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