Drawing Down The Sun by Phlogiston

Current Round: 1  

Another love song.


I am longer than a sigh
Wider than the sea
You just have to stretch across to feel
My elasticity

Sweets from a bitter heart
Keep on soothing through the days
Words that warm
I never felt so fine
I never felt so yours and mine.

Searchlight falling on my scene
Drawing down the sun
Searchlight dancing on my waves
Never wanna miss a beat of you
Never wanna miss a beat from you
Never wanna miss a beat from you.

Time is thicker than a dam
Holding back the flood
Soon what is empty must be full
I feel it in my blood

Thorns from an ancient crown
Tell the story on your brow
Words that whirl
I ‘ll push harm away
We’ll have the glory of our day

I wanna rise and fall tonight
I love to make you feel it’s right
I want to fall in the beam of that searchlight