The Mirage by Phantom Music Box

Experimental dirge
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This song was the catalyst of a long line of music created by Stephen Lancaster and CJ Denecia. It somewhat changed the face and sound of PMB for a while and it skirted on the edge of brilliance for a moment in time.

With Stephen on everything besides vocals (CJ and Kim) and Chris on guitar as well as Noz on organ - with Noz also producing and mastering, this is ....


Featured Review

A little snake charmer, a little dancing demons...scary, nightmarish, too much hashish with negative circumstances transpiring all around.
Music to O.D. to, right here.
Grungy crunchy guitars along with the squealing crying notes sounding pretty metallic in front of a wash and a relentless beat. Nice mix and arrangement there with a nice niche for the vocal...
Breathy aggressive growling singer's all hopped up on something illegal, no doubt..probably does perverted things with his microphone. Good build - could maybe cut through better towards end where he's competing with the band who's now rocking harder - sometimes less stereo on a vocal helps it slice through rather than sacrificing wide spectrum eq.
Very successfully nasty piece of work here. I wanna crank it up loud and break shit...
cause the shit's all just a mirage anyway.

This band is all going to hell and likes it.



The Mirage

Behind the curtain, nothing is real
Thoughts are uncertain, truth is surreal
Forced into fashion, what can’t be can be
Unbridled passion, wants become needs

Mmmmmmirage … oooh the mirage

She soothes my soul, while she hurts me
Thin undertones, my black angel
Yielding control, strengths diverting
Warming and cold, as the pride fells

Mmmmmmirage … oooh the mirage

Ooooohhhhh Ooooohhhhh Ooooohhhhh

I welcome my drowning
In the deep dark ocean of her heaven
Contorting my emotion
Time ticks frozen in hell
Reincarnating my full frustrations unspoken
She sends me to the edge of the selling of my tale

The mirage

© 2006 Stephen Lancaster, CJ Denecia

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