See Ya Later by Mudsoul Slave

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Some people say all things must end ... maybe that's true but good bye is a little cold so I guess I'll just say "See Ya Later".

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There's something a bit too overstated about this song for me-like its just trying too hard almost-especially the vocals which (altho he obviously has a naturally good voice) are using too much 'throaty rock thrust' and overstatement in the delivery..
The kinda metal rythming on the verse sounds has a very dated vibe to me too and puts me in mind of sweaty pub-rock..
I guess the song has a kinda mystic prog 70s energy-its not badly written musically or anything-but the energy instead of giving me a mystical head-space actually feels quite depressing n leaden to me..
Far too depressing for 'pop' anyway imho..
The 'laterr--eerrrr-errr' held note has alot of tension and i really like that bit..As i do some of the angular lead that comes in later in the track..

Steve Ison

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Definitely picture this band onstage at a bar, a pretty nice gig where everyone's watching them and bouncing their heads to the beat.
The chords and delivery have a bit of a ominous air about them. If this is pop, it's the kind to lead us into temptation of the harder stuff.
Another vibe that comes to mind here is "relentless". It just feels like it drives hard the whole way. Considering that it's a nearly 4 minute song, I wonder whether a little breather in the middle might help break it up, like strip the arrangement, double time the beat or something.
Regardless, this would certainly serve nicely for a demo if this band wants to send it around to venues, as one gets the impression that this is a great live band.



See Ya Later

Gone in a moment, dreams can fade so fast
all of the years how could I forget
something inside of me, felt like it was dying
but you grow so tired of living less


But with all the memories we made I couldn't say goodbye
so all I said was I guess I'll see ya later

Freedom is just a word for thinking you got control
but I learned so long ago that's just a lie
there's always a price to pay for all that we possess
and sometimes lies are all we have to hold


so now a page is turned and another torn away
don't sit back and fret about the future
a glimpse of history but it's all just bits and pieces
sometimes things can change it's just a circle

Gone in a moment, life can fade so fast
all of the years how can you forget


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