Missing Judas by Mudsoul Slave

Retro classic rock
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Written by Stephen Lancaster. guitars & bass - Stephen Lancaster. drums - Gregg Gavitt. Vocals - CJ Denecia

Featured Review

This is a guitar song first, and then a vocal song. Maybe.

I am just soaking in all these tasty leads and tasteful acoustic, playing along with a very creative drummer who leads the song's arrangement, and a sultry jazzy bass. Just has this misty-eyed lounge mood music vibe, and then these lyrics, a bit heavy- you're the reason I hate you, and then these beautiful aaahhhhs.

The melody has a depth that equals its emotions, I mean soft tender parts and burning desire hate ones, I give much credit for the effort that went into that, and the overall effect makes for a hit Beck/Palmer song, not just an odd combo.

It isn't easy to sing a song of this crooner vocal caliber this straight. I feel the tone even is well under control, and there's a goodly number of words being crooned. Nice Bon Jovi vocal harmonies, too. It isn't profound, but it is almost profoundly sensitive, and that sincerity plucks at the heartstrings.