Meditate by Mudsoul Slave

Retro classic rock
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Written by CJ Denecia. Guitars - Stephen Lancaster. Drums & Bass - Gregg Gavitt. Lead Vocals - CJ Denecia. Backing Vocals - CJ Denecia, Gregg Gavitt.

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After it announces itself like a Who song, there's a disappointing, drawn out, melodically uninteresting verse which lumbers along rather than drives, which is what I suspect it wants to do. The vocals are lacklustre, I mean, if you're going to stretch out notes like that and draw attention to them you should at least choose good ones.
The only break from the slipper-shuffling tedium is the counterpoint backing vocal in the chorus, but this is but a brief respite. When the guitar flops in it seems like it's barely willing to make the effort. At least if it was more forward rather than sitting back in the plodfest I might have something with which to get my head off the desk. As it is, it before the two and a half minute mark it sounds like something off-the-shelf dropped in to fill up the gaps.
It also sounds like the drummer was smashing the shit out of the drums but someone squashed him down in the mix until the spirit was muffled.
The bass player is mostly asleep, but is in a fitful dream where involuntary jerks make him stray off open E now and then.
The lyrics I'm indifferent to; someone was lonely or something. I'm not really caring here.
Apart from the hook with the backing vox, a decidedly forgettable song. All day jobs should continue for the foreseeable future.
Still, less awful than the other song, so the points are cast and you can't say fairer than that.


Featured Review

This song benefits from good opening lyrics and lots of intelligent rhymes with deviate- gravitate, commiserate, facilitate etc. 4-5 syllable words demonstrate this dude can really vocabulate.

The music is not too heavy nor too lightweight. I'd say it was quite moderate.

Melodically there are some rather bland stretches, but they integrate seamlessly into more excitating ones.

OK, I'm will not inundate this review with further wordplay that might obfuscate my critique, except to in sum congratulate a job well done.




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