Lover by Mudsoul Slave

Final Round: 1  

Written by Stephen Lancaster. Guitars - Stephen Lancaster. Drums & Bass - Gregg Gavitt. Lead Vocals - CJ Denecia. Backing Vocals - CJ Denecia, Gregg Gavitt.

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I am instantly grabbed by the daring stereo and atypical rhythms. It is a song that hints at being the usual pop ballad, but it never hardly ever is, and I like that.

I'm not able to focus on the lyrics at first listen, caught up in the experimental pop retro rock motif.

The melody uses some 7ths or 11ths, or 9ths, maybe all of the above, to create a very strong melodic hook for me.

Lyrics are delivered with neatly stilted phrasings, and the odd chord progressions afford the singer to take some extra liberties, and that makes it all the more memorable, even though after two listens I hear only poetry.

Everyone delivers quality and cooperatively, but not singlemindedly, providing cool depth.

Good show!


Featured Review

Woh another early 70s throwback in alternative..Its about as 1971 as you could possibly get without actually BEING from 1971 (which i'm sure it isn't)-This is actually totally fine by me..Infact its very cool if its a song like this..
This time more moody n psych/progressive with its neat chorus of fast harmonised oohh-ahh chord changes laced with phaser..
Its a really well written,highly enjoyable creative track..
Great moody acoustic verse-love the sound of the acoustics there..
That harmonised chorus is just great..Sweet hippy-souled up b/vs and such a neat lead vocal w-u-u-oh line there...Brothers n sisters singalong totally unforced n an instant classic..Makes making good music seem effortless-like it should..Quality
Giving us a whole new section for an outro which is actually really good too n natural is a generous spirited creative thing to do..
I thought the first would win as it was enjoyable-but this has come along and actually won easily..
Easily my favourite review pair so far...

Steve Ison



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