Better Day by Mudsoul Slave

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Things can get pretty bad ... but tomorrow always brings the hope of a better day. Don't wait for it - make today that day. Or wallow in self pity. It's your choice.

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Reminds me of several different bands wrapped into one fine cookie. The beat is steady. The inter play with the vocals was an added appeal. Nicely done really. I am trying to reflect on what this song could have used and all I could come up with was another spin in the player. Great tune. The music was great as was the tune.


Featured Review

This one's got a nice easy feel starting out...kind of mellow, and builds into something pretty cool. Communicates frustration, annoyance, anger.
Some cool gong-like sound mixed in with the drums. Nice vocal effects...kinda Leslie actually. This song has a bit of a pychedelic feel that's very nice.
Like this one.


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