Rebel Raiser by MsDa D

MsDa D
Swamp Boogie
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This is swamp boogie southern rock at it's finest. Bo Didley would be proud. Lyrics by MsDa D; melody by Kip Winger. performed by MsDa D and The Dicksteins; featuring Kip Winger on background vocals.


Plain and simple- minded; what can I say. Pizza, beer and the krippies get me thru the day. Don't care too much about money; just my peace of mind. Take my chances on fate; show me a sign.

I'm a Rebel Raiser; high heel skirt chaser. Don't care what you think about me.
When push comes to shovin; you know who you'll be lovin;'s all the same to me.

Lookin for kicks that's my middle name. It'll be our secret, no one to blame.
No worries, no hassles, my motto, my creed.
Just good ole lovin without all the need.


Spinning my web; gonna pull you in. Gonna lie I ain't sorry; I was born to sin.
Like taking shortcuts; like to quit while I'm ahead. I ain't your mister right; I'm that other man instead.


Plain and simple-minded, what can I say. 2x

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