Low Down Mutha by MsDa D

MsDa D
classic rock
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This is my tribute to Jim Croce's "Bad Leroy Brown".


Low Down Mutha

Smell the whiskey reeking out of his pores. Making time wasted hanging out w/ his whores.

He's a crack daddy dealer pimping runaway teens. Getting them hooked on his candy while stealing their dreams.

He'll cut you with his blade if you stare at his scar. He got no soul just a cold stone heart.
He's street educated; got a phd. In hustling 1001 and how to lie and cheat.


He drives an old Grand Tarino that's as black as night. with black tinted windows; so he's outta site. Likes to be incognito; doesn't like to be seen. Makes sure the job is done and everything is clean.


He's a low down mutha; got eyes in the back of his head. He's a low down mutha; don't cross him or you'll soon end up dead. He's a low down mutha; takes what he wants and gets what he needs. He's a low down mutha. He's the lowest mutha; you've ever seen.


Don't try to sell him short; or think you'll get away. You can't escape his reach; no matter where you stay. If he can't find you; he'll get your family instead. Then he'll track you like a dog and pump you full of lead.

He's locked and loaded waiting for his next score. Got his boys on every corner waiting for their next war. He's a low down mutha; yeah he's king of the hood. He'll wink at you and tell you he's misunderstood.


He got himself incorporated just to have a good look. As a lending institution that'll cook all his books. For the right sum of money all your debts will go away. But interest is for life and man you're going to pay.