Got No Time by MsDa D

MsDa D
Current Round: 1  

Lyrics by MsDa D., Melody by LWB

LWB does a great job singing lead and playing the melody. Danny Hyoon plays a great guitar while the piano is played by LWB. MsDa D. singing backgrounds vocals w/ Trish.


Where's my voice; whose got my back.
All you ever do is attack (tack tack).
Woke up this morning; my briefcase in my hand. I'm sick! I'm tired! I can't take it; working for the man.
I stood up for your cause with all my heart and soul.
Let's take it to the streets; sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Run away baby; leave the world behind.
Take a chance on me baby. I paid the price. I did my time.

A little bit of give. A little bit of take. Sometimes it all works out. Sometimes we make mistakes.
Don't ask for no more favors. I've done all that i can.
You've used up all my patience. I won't continue to lend a hand.

Listen to my words. Don't just hear what I say.
I try to make you understand. You turn and walk away.
Got not time for explanations; no time to change my ways.
Got no time for procrastinations; I'm living for today.