Change in the Weather by MsDa D

MsDa D
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Change in the Weather is my mantra for climate change. The song sends a simple message. Either we all work together in limiting everything that's destroying our planet; or we die.


Change in the Weather


It's black outside at 10 am; a gesture from above he just had to send. Let everyone know this ain't no pretend it's for real. It ain't enough that the polar caps are melting in the sea. It ain't enough that the fogs so thick you can hardly breath. We drill some more; destroy our land, and now our wounds won't ever heal.


oh it's time; for a change in the weather. For a change in you...need a change in me. 2x



Can you feel the calm it's coming right before the storm. Mother Nature's calling to protect all those unborn. She's sending us a message that we should hear loud and clear. Yeah we're living in a world; that's withering away; where every breath we take brings us closer to the day. When all is lost, and there's no starting over once again.



We gotta get together to restore this place if we're gonna have a chance to save the human race. It starts out in our homes and our neighborhoods. It's one for all and all for one for common good. it's not to late to make the change and turn the other way; before we suffer in a world dying in decay. A change in the weather...a change in you and me...a change in who we help humanity.