Baby Sez live 060612 by Mr. Troll

Mr. Troll
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this song seems so familiar .... like I've heard it many times before but only - different .... maybe even a few different versions ....

but this is the one that stands out now that I've heard it. it's got that special something and it's overall sparse and melodic and flowing blues approach works the thoughts out right.

the simple strummed and plucked jazzy intro works great ... lots of color and almost like an old standard ... no - it ain't played with incredible precision but that's part of the appeal - it's some guy having fun and letting it go.

that's followed up by a very confident and comfortable guy telling his light hearted story with a real genuinely characterized tenor voice. excellent warm tone with emotional flair and just the right amount of singer edge. a little rough around the edges but never faltering and never hesitant. an honest perfomance that endears the listener to the song and the singer.

some nice chord surprises - or maybe it's the painting of the chords with the melody playing off the progression that makes it suprising. either way, it's cool ...

a few too many sorta dead spots where the guitar is left too long to it's own devices, which if more adapted for, might be fine but - just playing the chords over 14 or more seconds deep into the song leaves too much room. figure out how to through enough fills into the progression to simulate a lead guitar - even if in it's most simple state.

lyrics are fun. and they flow through the melody seemlessly. or maybe the melody flows through the words ... yeah, that's it. pretty natural yet interesting.

the song is right. it ain't new in any respects but it's really new feeling. and it could be subject to a more flushed out instrumental arrangement but I think the best way to present this is in keeping with the rhythm and flow and just adding to what's here and not changing it.

it's a damn fine tune.