Believe the World Needs You by Mark Kaufman

Mark Kaufman
Pop Rock
Current Round: 1  

Lyrics by David Graham and Vaughan Daniel, music and performance by Mark Kaufman.


If you're thinkin'
You have nothing to offer
To a world that seems to thrive on selfishness
You'll start believin'
There's no reason to bother
While day by day you're caring less and less
Isn't it time you understood
Doing nothing isn't doing nothing good?

Believe the world needs you
Everything you are and everything you do
It needs your love and your prayers
Your dreams, schemes and dares
Don't close your eyes to the truth
Believe the world needs you

Now you're saying
That you're just one person
How could you ever hope to make a difference?
You keep on making
Excuses 'cause you're certain
That the world will go on turning in the end
Open your eyes and take a look
Each life is another page in the book


You can change a life
Love can be the light
To take the darkness away
To keep the darkness away


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