Waiting for Nothing by Liquidirt

Current Round: 2  

Featured Review

If you like letting the guitar do the talking, here's one for you. I’m thinking that despite the nifty pace, there’s some kind of lone, ambling cowboy feel about it, but it’s only the guitar sound coming from its quieter moments. That passes away soon enough and then it feels like we’re hitting the outskirts of the city, on wheels and not hooves.
I'm still troubled that the tune's speed seems to fast for its sentiment, I feel like I wanna pull on the reins.
I can certainly hear this as a soundtrack, but they’d only use a segment, then fade to common sounds and dialogue.
It’s the kind of tune that’ll be most appreciated by other shredders; didn’t piss me off but lost my attention, probably because it seemed to go around and around without really getting anywhere not touching upon anything.
Faultless and impressive musicianship of course, produced well, but not the kind of instrumental that’d make number one I fear.