The Willows by La Pounge

La Pounge
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Two people have a surreal experience but stay intact together through the ordeal.


There it was, and then it went past like a locomotive or a bullet. "What was that?" she said with her eyes, "I could feel the chain but couldn't pull it." Doors were flying and the windows broke but the glass remained to cut the willows. They were bent to the ground with their leaves bleeding brown on the heads and tails of our pillows.
But we felt no alarm, in each other's arms.
"It was just a song," said the weather-veined man, but I didn't believe in his living. See, every eye has an iris in the yard, 'cause the sight is there for the giving. The speakers blared from the inside out, and the music sponged off our ruses. She grabbed my hand and we ran for the sand, but our skin got tangled in the fuses.
But we felt no alarm, in each other's arms.