Shoes by Kim Christie

Kim Christie
Current Round: 2  

Kim Christie versus Daniel P Hudelson.

Never was so much been owned by so few against so many.

Featured Review

This is a really,really cool strange art-pop track..Like Bowie caught in a love triangle with Kate Bush,Queen and Robert Fripp..
I love everything about it..
The wonderfully natural sultry vocals n intuitive vocal line..The utterly fabulous,memorable riff its built on..The drive-in-saturday doo-wop B/Vs n the wonderfully inventive fluid guitar lines,the clod-hoppin' drums-which shouldn't work-but in the context of this song totally do..
The weird middle 8 which comes as such a great suprise..

The kinda weird sunny vibe mixed with an air of underlying menace..
Its filled to the max with little sonic delights..Is original,distinct and just plain great..
Thanx for the inspiration :)

Steve Ison


Saturday morning’s here
And we’ve hit the hay
With so much of everything, levels fall to normal
Getting to hold the reins means getting to drop the shame

Cos we didn’t want to do
Anything we’re designed to do

There’s a big empty square
Where she keeps her shoes
No need for anything to have to touch its neighbour
We’re going our separate ways, giving each other space

And she doesn’t want to do
Anything she was grown to do

Don’t want to change places
Don’t want to try it on for size
I’m too lazy to get Spacey -
Build your dreams on someone else’s hill -
And go standard with no legroom
In the name of choice there has to be someone stretching out

And he is the only one
Who can see the truth
Cos much less of everything means something’s gotta sting
But it won’t be him or any of those with give
Enjoying the privilege

Cos he doesn’t want to do
Anything he’s supposed to do
No he doesn’t want to do
Anything he’s evolved to do
He doesn’t want to do
Anything we’re designed to do
He got no reason to look around

He doesn’t want to do
Anything we were told to do

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