Me, Me, Me by Kim Christie

Kim Christie
Vocal Pump Pop
Current Round: 1  

Stay territorial until something more attractive comes along.

‘Influences’: You’re the cream in my coffee
The In Crowd (Dobie Gray, Bryan Ferry)
Breakfast in America
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Featured Review

Groovy bluesy n quirky pop song sitting on a wonderfully creative backdrop of elaborately constructed backing vocals n minimal percussion n piano..Purely as a sound-concept it gives it an instantly engaging strong individual personality n sense of character..

You'd get quirky,individual off-beat songs like this in the charts in the 60s n 70s (and even 80s) and its the worlds creative loss there seems to be no real market for them anymore there ...The reverby Me at 2.07 is very cool-a little bit of transcendence n space-an opening up..

Its all really well done-lovingly written and made-and tho i dunno if the constant thrusting in-yer-faceness me,me,me might start becoming wearing after alot of plays-As a 'pop' song (in the broadest sense of the word) it totally works-is instantly present n engaging- and is really enjoyable..

Steve Ison


Don’t tread on my bluebells
Don’t climb my tree
The only clown gets to hang around
Is me, me, me

Don’t kick my gatepost
Don’t pick my strawberry
The only clown that’s diggin this ground
Is me, me, me


Don’t look in my window
Don’t think there’s much to see
The only clown that’s moving around
Is me, me, me

Don’t try my shoes on
Don’t sip my cuppa tea
The only clown’s gonna sit right down
Is me, me, me


Don’t come any closer cos
You look pretty good to me


Where d’you think you’re going?

Don’t leave your socks on
Don’t need no modesty
The only mug’s gonna get your love
Is me, me, me

Don’t put your boots on
Stay and keep me company
The only mother’s gonna have your love is me, me, me