Longing by Kim Christie

Kim Christie
Alternative Pop
Current Round: 1  

One of the songs which emerged from my dark night of the soul, Longing was enhanced by the talent and vision of Jay Quibodeaux and features Shankarji on guitar.


Longing, Longing
For the flavour
For the saviour
For the ebb and flow
And to blow the must that lifts the dust
Shake down
It’s coming around
I walk in the meanwhile

Longing, longing
For relations
For sensations
For the to and fro
I feel this absence as a bellyache
Slow line
It’s only the time
To pass like a stranger

How long can you hold your breath?

Longing. longing
Just for some more
Of your sweet maw
For the heave and ho
Lead me by the hand to pleasureland
Hold down
It’s coming around
I sink in the mean time
And I feel like a bellyache
It’s only the time
To watch like a stranger